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Tilda Santa Claus from the book "Tilda Homemade and Happy"

At first glance it may seem that this Santa Claus from the book "Tilda Homemade and Happy" can hardly be called a simple creation ... however, our master class will greatly simplify the task of wanting to sew this New Year's Santa.
Tilda baby "Tilda Sweetheart Doll" - pattern and work flow

The new baby doll Tilda, baby "Tilda Sweetheart Doll", is completely non-standard in its size: only about 31 centimeters in height, won the hearts of most tildoman fans. For everyone who wants to stitch it, the material presents the pattern and the course of work - these are excerpts from the book of Tone Finnanger "Tilda's Toy Box". The process of creating toys, shown in the pictures, should not cause questions to needlewomen who have at least little experience in the creation of Tild. What we offer you to see for yourself !!! Enjoy your viewing and inspiration !!! Tilda Homemade angel - pattern and work flow

The material presents the pattern of the doll "Tilda Homemade angel" from the book "Tilda Homemade and Happy", as well as several possible variants and details of creating the specified doll. A new toy, not similar to the standard Tilde, expands the boundaries of creating dolls, and at the same time simplifies sewing, replacing the textile elements with fabric dyeing. Carriage from cardboard - ANNA KRUCHKO master class

I want to share the master class of the Polish craftswoman ANNA KRUCHKO to create a cardboard carriage. So it is realistic, how much and simple in the materials used. Therefore, I will not pull, but turn immediately to the description. Smesharik children's pillow: pattern and master class

Such a wonderful pillow for your baby can be sewn at home with one's own hands, having only the desire, several cuts of fabric and a sewing machine. Here you will find a short master class and a pattern for this pillow Smesharik. And the favorite character of the baby will also become a functional thing! Crafts for Easter in the technique of patchwork "Squirrels"

The main Orthodox holiday of the year is approaching - Easter! I would like to make a little variety in creating a special atmosphere on this day, and in addition to Easter cakes and painted eggs, to decorate your house with various products, including those created with your own hands. We offer you to get acquainted with a fragment of a book on making crafts for Easter in the technique of patchwork. The material has a vivid example of what you should have, the pattern and the pattern of collecting the suspension with proteins. Create and rejoice yourself and those around you with your creativity !!!! This suspension with squirrels will be very friendly to meet your guests on any other day !!! Educational toys from felt - Garden beds

There is a huge variety of educational toys for children, but you can create very interesting and useful toys. Educational toys made of felt are safe for a child of any age, and specifically this toy of a bed of felt will ensure that your baby will be engaged, and you will not be at home for silence at least for a long time) And the most pleasant thing about all this is that then special skills to personally make such a toy. And this is not a great master class to help you see this! Tilda Fatty - a master class from Kolomakina Anastasia

Just a few days ago I sewed here such Tilde Fat girl as a gift for March 8, though I can’t yet to decide who exactly it will get ... and while I think about this issue, I post a detailed master class on the creation of this toy. How much I managed to solve it for you! Frog from a fabric. Fragments of a book with a pattern

A very interesting toy frog made of cotton fabric is presented in this material. This is a fragment of the book "Animaux et personnages tout en tissu", thanks to which you can take a closer look at this lovely woo. And also there is a pattern of this wonderful toy. The book is not published in Russian, but I can safely assume that the frog is made of cotton fabric and covered with acrylic paints on fabric. So do not be afraid to experiment and replenish your collection of toys with one more! Plush pattern of fox

Made of plush, this fox is so charming that it is simply not possible to pass by such beauty! And undoubtedly the majority of needlewomen combed handles sew analog. This material offers a fox pattern, and plush, fur can be used as materials, and if you are not afraid of experiments, then perhaps any other material. Dare and share your results in our group "VKontakte"! Easter basket for dolls

You can make such a wonderful basket for Easter dolls with your own hands having the desire, a paper bag, glue, scissors and a pencil. In this master class, everything is simple, and the result exceeds all expectations! Decorate your toy for the Great Orthodox holiday - Easter! Alteration of a tennis ball into a football one - a master class
In order to carry out a similar alteration of a tennis ball into a football one, you just need to take leather, a hook and threads of a contrasting color, and also have minimal crochet skills. The proposed master class has clearly demonstrated how to make the alteration.
In addition, you can use these lessons to create smaller balls for dolls and toys. A holofiber or a synthetic winterizer is perfect as a filler. Handbag made of cardboard for dolls and toys - master class
This master class shows how easy and affordable it is to make a bag of medium density cardboard for dolls and toys. Simplicity and excellent results are combined in this master class. So, even without a lot of experience in needlework, you can easily cope with the task! Patterns of textile dolls from IRINA WALNE
Beautiful dolls of Irina Hochina are fascinating, looking at them you understand that dolls also have a soul, no matter how loud it sounds. Such a piercing and warm look at Irina's dolls, I want to increase my skills to a similar level!
The author of these amazing dolls turned out to be very generous and was given to the patterns that she uses when sewing dolls. Irina says that she constantly changes patterns for each doll, changing the length and shape of the arms and legs. Magazine
If you are among the lovers of creation and creation of doll miniatures, then this magazine “Vitrines Fantaisie” you will certainly appreciate, and you will adopt its ideas. A huge variety of windows, ranging from bakeries and ending windows with toys and clothing. Drawings are offered to all samples of trade shops, with the help of which you can easily reproduce the proposed ideas, but as far as the filling of these windows is concerned, here, as the saying goes, “who's that much!”! Book Tone Finanger: "Heroes of fairy tales. Tilda" in Russian
Want to make yourself a tilde pupae? This book will help you Tone Finanger: "Heroes of fairy tales. Tilda" in Russian. In it you will find more than 25 different pupae. Italian magazine containing felt toys and the progress of their creation
Such is the cool magazine for creating miniature felt toys from animals. Attached patterns with step-by-step instructions. A vintage airplane is a great accessory for a textile aviator doll
Earlier we addressed the topic of doll accessories, namely, we created glasses for the pilot, now why not decorate the textile toy of the pilot with a vintage airplane as well? It is not difficult to sew such an airplane, the main thing is to choose the right fabrics, or rather their combination, and, of course, to properly toned, or in other words, to wear out our accessory. The seated hare is an interesting variant of the textile toy: the pattern
In this material, we propose to get acquainted with an interesting interior textile toy - a sitting hare. Here is a pattern on which you can easily create a similar toy. Add a minimum of accessories to any subject: New Year, March 8, February 23, Valentine's Day and other holidays, this toy will be a great souvenir for any celebration! Bedrooms for a dollhouse - a gallery of ideas for bedrooms 'interiors

Creating a dollhouse, I want to realize all the little things that surround us every day in their own interior. And by all means, the bedrooms for the dollhouse, along with the kitchen and living room, remain the key rooms. Whatever interesting details are missed when creating interiors for bedrooms, we offer you to read and be inspired by an interesting selection of ideas. Here you will find whole bedroom sets with textiles, paintings, fireplaces and much more. And each of the options is especially good, with its own individuality and with the division of particular attention to detail! Functional bread box from the author of the miniature doll Kris Compas
Another interesting and, most importantly, functional item of a doll miniature from Kris Compas is a bread box. It is not enough to create objects for a dollhouse that resemble real things, but to make them equally functional is exactly the whole art! In this material, a master class has been proposed, following which a bread roll-roll corresponding to the main purpose of the breadbasket will appear in your doll house. Sandals for Teddy Bear - master class
Surely many handmade lovers and creators of Teddy bears will be interested in this master class in creating shoes for bears. Here are sandals for Teddy bears made from genuine leather. Agree that the presence of any accessory or item of clothing or shoes will give your bear cub more charm and individuality.
In the material, the author offers a pattern on which these wonderful sandals are sewn. Textile doll Ladybird - pattern
We offer you to familiarize yourself with another interesting textile doll - this is a ladybug doll. Interesting copy for needlewomen, puppeteers, who should not leave you indifferent, he is very cute, this baby! The article proposed the pattern of this toy. The pattern is taken from a foreign magazine, so you have to work hard with its translation! But the result will exceed all expectations! Summer overalls for Barbie - pattern
Here is another pattern of clothes for a Barbie doll, this time it's a summer jumpsuit! A stylish and popular jumpsuit should certainly be in the wardrobe of your doll, as well, its creation will take you some time and effort!
The article is given a pattern. Patterns of retro clothes for Barbie> Retro style in clothes is back in fashion and for the most desperate fashionistas who want their favorite dolls to be trendy too, and this material is dedicated. The article presents a fragment of the magazine with patterns of clothes in retro style for Barbie. It also gives a complete description of the tailoring of each model: the cutting of every detail, the necessary materials and accessories and the consistent implementation of each step for each order. You will find in this magazine skirts, blouses, coats, jackets, kerchiefs, bodice, dresses and more. Perfumery for dolls from accessories for jewelry
Creating puppet miniatures is an interesting and painstaking exercise that requires a lot of time and inspiration. However, among the things that you can create for a doll miniature a lot and those that are quick and easy to do, you just need to turn on the fantasy to come up with an interesting idea. And an example of a quick doll miniature is presented in this material - this is a perfume. Perfumery for dolls from accessories for jewelry is created quickly enough, here the most important thing is not to forget a single component. Workshop on sewing Snow Girl. Written by Makeeva Elena

In the presented material there is an interesting option for creating a body for a Snowball doll or Snow Girl. The author of this master class and the very idea is Makeeva Elena. The peculiarity of the creation of the pupa according to the proposed method is that the shape of the head of the toy is attached to the blank for creativity from foam plastic. And also this doll will have a neat nose. In general, we look and learn! Cocktail dress for Barbie - photo lesson with a detailed description of
Cocktail dresses are loved by fashionable women of different ages, starting from the smallest, who still cannot wear them, but they really want to. Therefore, your daughter, of course, will be delighted with the new dress for her favorite doll. And you, Mom, will have to lend a hand to this;)
This material offers a detailed lesson "Cocktail dress for Barbie." Glasses for the pilot - master class from Irina Myakotkina
Nowadays textile dolls, called pumpkin heads, are gaining more and more popularity among needlewomen. And masters include all their imagination and creativity in the selection and creation of their images. So, Irina Myakotkina was no exception, because she creates thoughtful and interesting images of her textile toys. The craftswoman shared one of her ideas for creating glasses for the pilot. This accessory gives the look of the doll a complete look. The creation of this accessory will take you two hours of free time, but it's worth it! Warm dress for Barbie Doll and tights - patterns

If you want to sew a warm outfit for a Barbie doll, then you will certainly need patterns to help you. In this material you will find patterns of a strictly warm dress and tights for a Barbie doll. It is possible to sew such an interesting outfit with the use of a sewing machine, or, in the case of its absence, manually. Specifically, this outfit is completely sewn by hand, and this does not make it less neat, in this case the main thing is not to hurry, to carry out each seam is small.

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