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1. Get in the spirit

Learn about Japan's favourite fermented spirit on a visit to a sake brewery in Takayama. See the production process then sip on the end results. Kanpai!

2. Tasty treasures of the sea

Be amazed by the variety of seafood on offer at Tokyo's Tsukiji Fish Market. This is the world's largest fish market - it would be hard to find fresher sushi and sashimi anywhere else.

3. Ceremonial tea

Be exposed to the careful ritual of a traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto. Green tea is delicately prepared by a kimono-clad host and served amid flower arrangements, tatami mats and calligraphy scrolls.

4. Snack attack

Japan has more vending machines per capita than anywhere else in the world. With ice cream, instant ramen, cold beer, sake and hot meals all available, just try leaving Tokyo without buying something from one.

5. Liquid gold

Pay a visit to the Sapporo Brewery for a tour of the brewery and museum exhibitions. That's enough to make anyone thirsty, so be sure to sip on a cool beer at the gigantic Beer Hall afterwards.

6. Osaka overindulgence

Head to Osaka's premier 'eat street', the famously flamboyant Dotonbori district. Restaurants specialising in crab, moda casacos invierno 2019 toyota ramen, beef and takoyaki (fried octopus balls) line the streets - this is the perfect place to feast on food, and landmarks.

7. Meat-free morsels

Enjoy simple vegetarian fare prepared by young monks while staying at a monastery in Koya-san. This is a truly unique dining experience you won't forget anytime soon.

8. Pancake pig out

Don't leave Hiroshima without trying the local speciality moda of Okonomiyaki. This savoury pancake is layered with cabbage, meat, noodles, egg and sauce, and depending what restaurant you visit - sometimes you can cook it yourself.

9. Use your noodle

Head to a local restaurant and slurp a delicious bowl of steaming ramen. Choose from crab, pork, chicken or miso and top with ginger, garlic, sesame seeds, seaweed or corn.

10. Soba... so good

Find out how a staple of Japanese cuisine is created by learning to make soba noodles from scratch in Tokyo. A rewarding experience for your mind, and your stomach.

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