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Painting car with his hands

Painting car with his hands

Often, the purchase of a vehicle is preceded by a more or less long period of monitoring the market and selecting the optimal brand of car. But when the accumulated money is spent on the car of your dreams, a true car enthusiast takes care of his car with attention and understanding of the importance of careful care. The services of our company PolimerKras are designed specifically for those people who are passionate about cars, who love comfort, appreciate reliability and are not without healthy ambitions.

The main specialization of PolimerKras is painting discs, calipers, valve covers with powder paint in one or several colors. Employees of the workshop have achieved delicate ownership of the technological process, which is carried out in several stages in specially equipped chambers under the influence of an electric field and high temperatures. Powder coating of alloy wheels is a great way to visually emphasize the aesthetic and functional advantages of a particular model, ensuring reliable protection of disks. In the process of powder coating, a monolithic polymer coating is formed on the metal surface of the parts, which protects the alloy wheel from corrosion and mechanical damage. Disk Repair

All types of repair, straightening, editing and restoration of disks is another area of ​​the company's professional activity. We have modern productive equipment to perform repair work before painting cast disks. Professional approach to the execution of the application implies prior approval of the technology, the total scope of work, cost, and deadlines with the client (based on preliminary diagnostics). Our prices for the repair and painting of disks confidently withstand competition in Moscow, correspond to the quality of the performance of all types of work. Tire service

A visit to a tire shop can be planned, for example, to change tires on the eve of the season, or forced, when the diagnostic results can upset the owner of the car. Qualified specialists of the company are putting their professional knowledge and skills in order to minimize the time the car is in the workshop and save clients' money. In addition to all the standard tire service: removal, installation of wheels, dismantling, installation of tires, balancing, pumping, the master performs repair and painting of disks in Moscow. If necessary, our customers can leave the tires for seasonal storage in the equipped premises on the territory of our workshop.

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