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Long dress for the new year - we sew it yourself!

Long dress for the new year

November is outside the window, and it's time to think about the dress in which you will celebrate the New Year. After all, the New Year holidays are a special time when we all turn into children, wait for miracles, gifts, dream of the future and make wishes. According to the Chinese calendar, each year corresponds to a particular animal talisman. New 2014 year will be the year of the Horse.

So what is the color to celebrate New 2014? One of the colors that astrologers advise to choose to meet this event is white! We support astrologers and invite you to sew a stunningly elegant long dress from the famous brand Lanvin with your own hands! Long dress for the new year - pattern

We recommend you to sew this dress of silk satin. Since the style of the dress without unnecessary details, the fabric, if possible, should be of high quality.

The top of the dress is modeled on the pattern-based dress, which must be built by its own standards, the skirt is modeled on the pattern-based skirt-bell.

Long dress for the new year

Fig. 1. Long dress for the New Year - modeling the front bodice


Fig. 2. Long dress for the New Year - modeling sleeves and skirts Long dress for the New Year - modeling

On the front pattern, close the chest dart, transferring it to the wafer. Cut the front in front deepen by 12cm, as shown in Fig. 1. Long dress for the New Year - modeling the front bodice.

Cut the pattern along the waist line and spread it out, adding 1.5 cm at the top of the chest tuck (for additional assembly). Optionally, re-trim the front facing 3 cm wide.

The back of the dress is unchanged from the dress pattern. The facing of the backrest is re-mounted additionally 3 cm wide.

Modeling sleeves and skirts

The sleeve pattern is taken without changes. Instead of sitting in the area of ​​the okat make assembly. If you want to make a lush assembly along the neck, cut the sleeve vertically into 2 halves at the high point of the neck and spread it onto the assembly.

Additionally, it is necessary to build a 12 cm wide cuff (6 cm in finished form) and a length equal to the girth of the wrist plus 4 cm for a tight fit.

The pattern of the back half of the skirt is resized without changes. The pattern of the front half of the bell skirt is cut with an increase of about 10 cm in front of the assembly (see Fig. 2. Long dress for the New Year - modeling the skirt). Long dress for the New Year - cutting

From the main fabric carve:

Front bodice - 1 fold detail

Dress back - 2 details

The front half of the skirt - 1 detail with a fold

Back half skirt - 2 details

front neck stitch - 1 detail with fold

Back opening collar - 2 details

Cuff - 2 Details

Allowances for seams - 1.5 cm, at the bottom of the skirt - 2 cm How to sew a long dress for the New Year

The outer parts of the cuffs, neck throat front and back reinforced with thermo-fabric.

On the seam allowance of the front and top of the front half of the skirt on the marking lay a stitch length of 4 mm. Pull, pulling the lower thread to form soft folds. Overlay the details on each other along the waist line, sweep, stitch.

On the details of the top of the back to stitch tuck, to sweep the details of the back with the rear halves of the skirt along the waist line, to stitch. Allowances to process and iron.

Sweep the dress on the side and shoulder seams. Sew a hidden zip over the back. Stitches stitched along the shoulder seams, put on the neckline, sweep, stitch, trim the stitches of the stitches and hem to the braid zippers by hand.

Sleeves to stitch around the seams, wrinkle around the back and forth, waddle into the armholes, process the allowances.

Cuffs stitch on the short sides. Tangle to the bottom of the sleeves, bend in half, tuck the edge and stitch.

Allow the hem on the bottom of the dress to be hemmed by hand or glued with an adhesive tape using an iron.

Your posh long dress for the New Year is ready! Complement it with large earrings, and your image will be completed! See also:

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