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Natural handmade natural cosmetics

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Natural handmade cosmetics is the uniqueness of each product. The best natural ingredients combined with the decoration of experienced craftsmen create exclusive, original and useful products.
5 advantages of Saules Fabrika products: Only natural hypoallergenic ingredients. Natural ingredients gently but effectively have a beneficial effect on the skin of the face and body, hair. Cosmetics recipes are constantly updated and supplemented. Saules Fabrika works only with environmentally friendly raw materials, purchasing it around the world. Each piece is a mini-work of art. Charming appearance gives aesthetic pleasure. The range includes more than 1000 items of goods: bath and shower products (handmade liquid and lumpy soaps, bombs, milk and bath salts, gels and soufflés); skin care (scrubs, oils, airy yogurts); natural masks and oils for hair; luxury gift sets.

Handmade products from Saules Fabrika brand are a great option not only for your own pleasure, but also for an unusual, beautiful and practical gift.
Saules Fabrika brand products Body yogurts Body yogurts

Light and airy yogurts are a real treat for the skin. Delicate texture actively moisturizes, nourishes, saturates with useful natural ingredients. The skin after yogurt becomes smooth and supple. Pleasant delicate aroma and caring properties of the product are delicious. Treat your body with an exquisite delicacy, treat it with natural cosmetic yogurt.
see products ... Handmade Soap Handmade Soap

Each piece of natural handmade soap is an extraordinary beauty and a storehouse of useful substances. Transparent and matte, colorful and exquisitely discreet, with plant extracts and oils, all these products deserve attention. You can choose from dozens of choices of soap with a delicate or saturated aroma, for dry or oily skin, nourishing or toning.
see products ... Souffle for the soul Souffle for the soul

Delicate gourmet soufflé can be a delight not only for taste. You can please this body with this delicacy if it is a special cream soap for the soul. Whipped texture makes it incredibly easy and enjoyable. In this case, the tool effectively cleanses the skin and actively cares for it. After such a treat, the body becomes velvety, fragrant with a wonderful aroma.
see products ... Body Scrubs Body Scrubs

Natural delicate abrasives, nourishing and essential oils, magical fruit, floral or refreshing scent - this is the recipe of natural body scrubs. Peeling with the help of sugar, coffee or sea salt delicately, but effectively cleanses and rejuvenates the skin, brings it into tone. A carefully selected mix of natural oils softens it, nourishes, creates a thin, inconspicuous film that retains moisture.
see products ... Shower gels Shower gels

After a hard day, you want to pamper your body with a cleansing shower gel so that your skin smells sweet and pleasantly scented, clean and fresh. So why deny yourself the pleasure! Natural shower gels with the addition of extracts and oils are ready to give a gentle cleansing and make the skin smooth. You can choose options for both women and men.
to see the products ... Bath bombs Bath bombs

An interesting new product is the bath bombs: bubbling balls, gift wrapping options, romantic hearts, and the softest melting cakes. The mini-geyser releases a fountain of bubbles, saturating the water with oils and extracts, and the air with the enchanting aroma of flowers, fruits, berries, or even French perfumes. The choice depends solely on your mood.
see products ... Gift sets Gift sets

How to choose a non-trivial and useful holiday gift? Saules Fabrika has found a solution to the problem and offers luxury gift sets. Elegant packaging, and inside a set of natural cosmetics - a practical and attractive option. They will be happy to use the gift, because who refuses to be pampered with chic hand-made caring tools!
see products ... Sea bath salt Sea bath salt

Unparalleled sea bath salt is enriched with basic and essential oils, natural dry petals and leaves, plant extracts. Useful treatments with natural ingredients soothe irritated skin, relax, soften. Warm baths with sea salt have a beneficial effect on the emotional state, it is a real aromatherapy.
see products ... Bath Milk Bath Milk

An unusual product, after which you do not recognize your skin, it will be so soft and velvety. Means is issued in the form of dry powder. Milk contains oils, extracts and other useful components that begin to work actively immediately after dissolving in warm water. Exquisite mono aromatics will complement a pleasant bathing experience.
see products ... Liquid soap Liquid soap

Liquid soap Saules Factory is presented in convenient vials of 200 ml with a pump dispenser. Gentle and rich pyramids of aromas make washing your hands a pleasant procedure that you want to enjoy again and again. Natural natural ingredients do not dry the skin, but gently cleanse and gently care. Just a drop of soap is enough to pamper pens.
see products ... Cosmetic oils Cosmetic oils

Saules Fabrika natural oils are a complex of ingredients that tone or soothe, nourish, and saturate with beneficial substances. No dryness, only velvet skin and luxurious healthy hair! There is a choice of refined or refined, cool or warm, sweet or fresh flavors. Liquid oils for hair and body, solid butters - the best means to preserve beauty and youth.
see products ... Hair masks Hair masks

Natural hair masks are focused on solving problems with curls. Clarified or colored curls, weak and damaged, split ends, weak growth - specially selected formulations of means of Saules Fabrika successfully struggle with all these troubles. Masks with oils, extracts and vitamins return the health and strength of nature to hair.
see products ... Products: Navigation: About Saules Fabrika: Saules Fabrika ® is a cosmetic brand inspired by the harmony of nature, representing products for bath and shower rituals, as well as body care products. We strive for the highest quality, summarizing the deep knowledge of our experts with the best natural ingredients. The solar factory, namely, the name of our brand is translated, works to bring heat and light to every bathroom.
Saules Fabrika ® uses the best ingredients that nature gives us in order to turn the rituals for showering, bathing and body care into a wholesome pleasure. We select high-quality plants, extracts and essential oils in order to deliver them to the store shelves in the form of beautiful, harmonious and joy-giving products using innovations in the field of cosmetics.

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