How to paint a mug with their hands

This image shows a torn bass panel diaphragm. Once a rip occurs, the film splits like candy wrapper. Unlike the diaphragm panel, which is made of mylar, it is a bass panel diaphragm. It is necessary to reproduce the diaphragm displacement needed to reproduce the bass frequency. It has been shown that it has been subject to overlapping damage. By contrast, the ESL-57 treble panel has a conductive coating on the inside. This means that it is possible to drive the treble diaphragm into contact with the bass panel. Consequently, unlike the ESL-57 treble panels, ESL-57 bass panels are rarely damaged, and rarely need rebuild. "BassInterior.jpg" image, the quad's diaphragm coating as applied. The thickness of the coating changes dramatically over the diaphragm. This is a trick for you.

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