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Repair lock zipper with his hands

Repair lock zipper with his hands

news Not so it is bad to have a small apartment, such as where the situation does not take into account the size of the area. As a result, you find yourself clamped between the sofa and the table, get the cabinet doors that can not be fully opened, and in general - a feeling of tightness. If you want to avoid this, we propose to rectify the situation already at the planning stage. We are talking about the basic rules of living space ergonomics, borrowed from architecture. ...

Read more and watch the gallery Sea - it is a concentrated inspiration generated by nature itself. Contemplation of the sea waves is soothing, and the feeling of the boundless smoothness excites the imagination. Not to mention the picturesque sunsets ... Today we invite you to be inspired, admiring the amazing Spanish living rooms overlooking the sea. Even if you do not have and do not foresee a house on the coast, you can use these ideas to decorate the interior of a living room with ...

Read more and watch the gallery Small one-room apartments are often called bachelor , suggesting that in such a modest area only a man can be comfortable. However, there are beautiful princesses who do without the appropriate status of the palace. Even more - they are content with a small living space. We invite you to travel around the apartment of one such princess. The owner has no official title, or, accordingly, the royal palace, or a huge state, but ...

Read more and watch the gallery Summer is a controversial time of the year: one wants to hide from the sun and at the same time enjoy its rays. However, both are possible if you have a terrace or at least a fairly spacious balcony. All you need is to equip this corner so that it becomes not only comfortable, but also beautiful. It's no secret that in our country ...

Read more and watch the gallery  25 square meters is a very small area by the standards of most countries. In Russia, such apartments are still not uncommon. That is why we not only regularly offer useful ideas for small housing, but also share our successful experience in designing tiny apartments from different parts of the world. In this issue you will see two apartments of 25 square meters, one in Stockholm and the other in Paris. ...

Read more and watch the gallery The living-dining room is a special place. It should be both hospitable and quite private. After all, it is here that we do a lot of things: lunch, rest after a working day, meet with friends and arrange family movie screenings. At the same time, one should not forget about aesthetics: for a rest to be complete, the living room should also please the eye. You want to make the living-dining room modern, but timeless, comfortable and ...

Read more and watch the gallery

autumn home ideas

ideas for a beautiful garden and garden Beautiful neighborhood: 36 mixes of garden and pot plants in one container

08/09/2013 Leave a comment

Experienced gardeners are well aware of the popular type of flower planting - mixborders. This is a mixed flower garden, which includes several types of plants, differing in color of leaves and flowers, height, size ...

09/04/2015 Leave a comment

07/10/2010 Leave a comment Country siesta: where to hide from the summer heat and a noisy society - 32 ideas

08/09/2010 Leave a comment

Someone prefers to spend their summer holidays at the seaside resort, others love to travel and discover new countries, and still others dream of a carefree time on their own ...

08/02/2010 Leave a comment

04/24/2012 One comment

ideas for small apartments and rooms Strategic Union: zoning lessons on the example of 6 small apartments

08/12/2012 Leave a comment

The idea to make an open plan usually comes to mind when you realize: deaf partitions will obviously be superfluous. But sometimes the owners of small housing intentionally clean the closed perimeters of the walls ...

03/07/2013 Leave a comment

01/28/2014 Leave a comment Mini-kitchen: part 2 - the optimal choice of cabinets and additional options

May 14, 2012 Leave a comment

We continue to reveal the secrets of the manufacturers of mini-kitchens, in order to show how to create a logical system “tailored” for your needs in a limited space of a small kitchen. In the first part of the guide ...

09/28/2011 Leave a comment

07/30/2014 Leave a comment

interior projects Color in the living room: chocolate, walnut and coffee, design projects, issue 52

07/23/2010 Leave a comment

Designers are well aware of the desire of many customers to make the interior in a bright range of warm colors. One really likes it, others are afraid of using rich colors, others are sure that ...

1/11/2011 One comment

04/06/2010 Leave a comment

04/08/2010 Leave a comment

colors and combinations in the interior Clean line: Samantha Pynn - a fresh female look at a modern home

10/2/2010 Leave a comment

This young lady, many Canadians know in person. Her activity is not limited to professional decor. Samantha Pynn is also the host of the Pure Design show (Clean Design) ...

10/24/2011 Leave a comment

02/19/2017 Leave a comment Lady 3D: Aspa Gutmeni - master class on effective combinations, details and performance

10/22/2010 Leave a comment

A beautiful portfolio for a designer is more than a business card. Rather, it is an image that is made up of 3d-projects in a graphic editor, as well as high-quality photos ...

08/02/2011 Leave a comment

05/27/2012 Leave a comment

fashion trends in the interior Eco-style - the nature in the house: part 2, five textures and materials

03/01/2010 One comment

We continue the theme of eco-style in the interior, how to create it from individual parts and harmonious combination of all elements. Start see here. Natural textures - one of the most ...

07/04/2011 Leave a comment

02/23/2011 Leave a comment Summer trends at Maisons du Monde: part 2 - an incendiary cocktail of bright colors

07/01/2014 Leave a comment

We continue the review of fashion trends for Summer 2014 from the famous French brand in Europe. In the first part, we spoke in detail about the original interpretations of the Provencal style, the sea and ...

05/23/2012 Leave a comment

07/18/2012 Leave a comment

do it yourself decor 101 decorative pillow: ideas for creativity, part 4 - in detail

02.22.2010 Leave a comment

This is the final part of our decorative pillow mini-series. See the links to the first 3 parts at the end of this release. We offered a lot of ideas, but today we will consider ...

04/26/2011 Leave a comment

01/04/2010 2 comments

04/09/2010 Leave a comment

wall and window decor Graceful hats as a reason for creativity: an original collage with your own hands

06/22/2010 Leave a comment

Hats and hats, elegant and fun, bright and sophisticated - without them it is difficult to imagine modern fashion. Every woman is going through a period at least once in her life ...

05/21/2013 Leave a comment

11/26/2010 Leave a comment How to combine different curtains: 8 rules for creating color and texture cocktails

07/23/2011 Leave a comment

In the arsenal of experienced decorators there are a lot of techniques proven in practice. It all started with the fact that once they saw an example, tried it, looked at the result, something ...

04/05/2014 Leave a comment

03/18/2015 Leave a comment

ideas for updating the living room

practical kitchen ideas

ideas for the interior of the children's room Happiness in the square: part four - 6 universal rooms for two and three children

05/12/2011 Leave a comment

At the end of April 2011, we offered our readers a series on the design and decoration of a nursery for two children, 3 parts included: overview edition, 7 rooms ...

02/28/2017 2 comments

04/30/2011 Leave a comment Where IKEA is loved: the soulful interior of a summer house + wonderful rooms for two girls

06/21/2014 Leave a comment

The head of the Spanish representation of IKEA Lorenzo Meazza adores the Swedish lifestyle, Swedish interiors, Swedish nature. It is for this reason that he bought a cottage in Sweden and equipped it ...

03/23/2010 Leave a comment

12/19/2011 Leave a comment

beautiful houses and apartments Running in the Waves: 3 small houses in real nautical style from Spain and New Zealand

08.05.2012 Leave a comment

The fashion for the elements of the sea style in our latitudes increases with the arrival of the warm season, when the rest on the coast becomes not only desirable, but also quite real.…

05/18/2011 Leave a comment

06/29/2011 Leave a comment Truly French chic: the home of linen designer Chantal Tomass in Mortagne-au-Persch

08/07/2015 Leave a comment

Today we will make a trip to the house of the trendsetter - Chantal Tomass. This woman is known worldwide as a designer of exclusive luxury linen, as well as the lines ...

03/29/2010 Leave a comment

06/21/2014 Leave a comment

decor masters Big city lights: 10 modern-style penthouses from Forma

01/16/2010 Leave a comment

Laconic modern style - the child of a big city, tired of the abundance of visual stimuli. His signs - restraint, functionality and a minimum of details. But most of all he appreciates ...

07/18/2011 Leave a comment

12/26/2010 Leave a comment

05/02/2010 Leave a comment

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