Repair remote control own hands

Virtually all modern household appliances have remote controls, so when this small device breaks down, users experience some discomfort. We will tell you how easy it is to repair the remote from the TV at home with your own hands, without calling the wizard from the service. Many just go to the store and buy a new remote control, but in the case of a small breakdown, you can fix everything yourself.

TV Remote

Content Types of breakdowns

Statistics of repairs of the remote control in the service centers states that the most common failures or device failures look like this: breakage of important controls and housing due to falls from different heights or other mechanical effects; Sometimes, some of the buttons on the remote control do not work, and the rest perform their functions in a regular fashion; frequently used buttons do not function or work only with a very strong pressure; The TV remote control works only from a very close distance.

Identifying the cause is not difficult, but it is necessary to know the procedure for the upcoming repair, which directly depends on the breakage that has occurred, it is sometimes cheaper to buy a new console than to reanimate the old one.

Important! When the remote buttons for your TV do not work, before starting to repair, try inserting new batteries - the remote control will work as before in 80%. Such simple actions will help to reanimate even the remote from Smart TV.

Batteries to the remote We make repairs

In this section we will explain in detail how to disassemble and repair the TV remote control in each case. Fall Result

When users often drop the remote control for a TV, serious damage occurs inside the device, repair in this case will be quite difficult - it is unlikely that it will be possible to repair the rebounded soldering without a soldering iron. To make sure that the board is to blame, and something needs to be re-soldered - there is an original way of checking, just you need to make sure that the batteries are in working condition. With this method, absolutely any remote control is checked regardless of its brand - Samsung, Philips or LG, because the principle of operation is identical for all.

In any digital camera and on mobile phones, including, there is an infrared emitter, we check the remote control from the TV with it: turn on the camera on your mobile phone; we direct the remote control to the camera window, while holding the cellphone as close as possible we press any key on the remote control; if the remote gives a signal, a large red dot will appear on the device screen.

Checking via mobile phone

Its presence indicates that the board is working, and you just need to check all the buttons. If the point is missing - 100% something happened in the control board, you need to get it and visually look for the cause of the breakdown.

We remove the batteries, then carefully and without effort we separate the halves of the console from the TV, after unscrewing the fastening screws. If latches are installed, then use a thin screwdriver, but without fanatical efforts, so as not to break their delicate construction.

Two parts of the console

Tip! To carefully examine the board, use a powerful paw, do not rely on the sharpness of your eyesight - some defects cannot be recognized without a multiple increase.

Repair of the remote control in this case can only be done by a person who has certain knowledge and skills to work with a soldering iron - an ordinary user is better not to get into such a delicate device. As a result of frequent falling, the LED mount may break off, the battery’s contact terminal may come off, or the crystal can be damaged. The first two failures can be determined visually. To make sure that the resonator is in good condition — a small box with contacts soldered to it — you need to shake the entire device carefully, if you hear a rustle, then you need to change it.

Resonator Sticky buttons

Users sometimes ask the question: how to repair the remote control from the TV, when some buttons stopped working. During operation, moisture could get into the console from the TV due to the increased humidity in the room or accidentally spilled drink. As experts say, inside the product arose a state of oil condensate - accumulated dust combined with water vapor, which greatly complicates the proper operation of the buttons when pressed. Such repair of the remote control buttons can be done independently: here you don't need any special skills, you only need accuracy and patience to clean the device to control the TV. Carefully disassemble the remote. We wipe the board with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol - this simple method removes dirt and moisture deposits that can make contacts. Efforts are not worth it - the product is quite gentle. In the same way we wipe the contact rubber pads of the buttons. We clean the spring contacts of the batteries, if there are signs of oxidation, then we remove them with fine emery paper. After cleaning, we give time to dry all the elements and assemble the device.

Cleaning the console with a cotton swab

Users on the note! Chinese-made consoles after cleaning with alcohol stop working! Especially it concerns the Samsung model of the Chinese assembly.

To clean such delicate products from internal dirt, you need to use soap and water - with the help of a solution, all the insides wipe gently, then they should be washed with plain water at room temperature, wiped with paper napkins, left to dry. After the final drying, assemble the structure and test it. Resuscitation buttons

Repair of the consoles, when frequently used buttons have erased their contact bottom covering, is done at home. For this you need the following materials: Foil, which has a paper backing on the back side - this is necessary for high-quality gluing; a similar package of cigarette packs is very well suited for this; good glue type "moment" or with a conductive base on silicone.

In retail there is a special glue for such needs, but it costs more than the console itself, which is unprofitable in our case of repair.

The method of repair is simple. We disassemble the console, and remove the rubber part. On the bottom surface of the non-working buttons glue circles or squares of foil.

Glue and Toothpick

In the shops you can find special kits, where there are buttons with conductive spraying and a very strong glue for attaching them. Such a kit can be useful for repair in order to restore your remote control.

Special Set

If the TV remote control broke down because it was accidentally stepped on, repairing it would cost you many times more than buying a new one. In the market you will find an exact copy of your remote, even if you have a TV with Smart TV, which does not require any configuration - insert the batteries and use. While the purchase is not completed, you can do without manual control: it is quite simple to turn on the TV without a remote control, but to unlock it is more difficult.

Experts say that almost any user can carry out minor repairs to any remote control from a TV set: it is possible to replace batteries or stick new conductive spare parts from the repair kit without having certain knowledge and skills. For complex breakdowns, you should contact the masters of the service, if the repair will be more expensive than the console itself, then it is easier to purchase a new one.

We offer home craftsmen to watch this video, where the repair of the remote control is clearly shown:

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