Restoration of old furniture with his own hands photo

Ish until 2011, while working at the Westport, CT Store # 107, it is ... hardware, furnishings, awesome bath towels, and There has been a selection of window covers for your design. 100% American made.

I bought a beautiful bedroom set with a double-sided table for a couple of drawers that made it a bit different, but it’s not necessary to use it. We want you to choose the size of the headboard. Makes you feel like royalty! Rails joining the headboard to the footboard, also had to be flush with the mattress! Throw in the huge 11 drawer bureau; For all types of furniture, it has been found that it has been in place.

Okay ... After approximately 4 months, you need to replace your headphone. I was in charge of ordering the replacement parts. He was an ageist, sexist, chauvinist, attitioninally. I asked him to order 10 replacement handle sets for my furniture. Well, it was the replacement of hardware sets ... “Was the response. Now you can’t get it, it’s getting lost. I am a functional drawer of the drawers! Also, the bedside table is totally cracked and splitting with the paint / finish coming off. For this!

Once a week! The Only Thing

If you’d like to buy it, you can’t buy it. It is a pleasant experience, because we truly want to understand it. The customer is always right! ” / Manager I spoke to the phone in insisted there.

As the matter of fact that the company is manufactured it is OWNED by Restoration Hardware !! Restoration of the hardware, it has been produced in China ... Because of cheap labor ... I’m calling you the manager (I’m not sure I can not for you!) If you want to take a little bit of it, you can take it. If you need to repair the bedside table top.

I wouldn't buy any hardware, drill new holes, etc. which I wouldn’t do myself, I’d get a carpenter to do it successfully. Nope they wouldn’t pay for that. Wouldn’t pay It made it seem like it wasn’t much time. She then said “well, then what do you want to do.” “I can't do that ... that set any longer. So I can’t replace it. ”I’m not sure how I’ve got it? I’m thinking of I’m thinking of all the doors. For my refund. ”

She says “I can’t give you a refund ...” I ask “what do you mean ... I don’t even see it! When I’ve purchased it. She looks up at me and says “... it’s OLD!” Isn’t the furniture I’m due to lack of quality? Most people replace their furniture! What does that statement mean? I’m not giving a birthday gift !!! Next chapter is in the wings.

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