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Sew coat DIY patterns

Sew coat DIY patterns





Spring is coming very soon, which means time to get jackets and coats from the closet. But if you are tired of the old coat for the past season, now is the time to prepare it for the spring and convert it into a new stylish thing with your own hands. We already talked about fashion trends on coats in spring 2017, and now let's see how you can bring fashion ideas to life.

Do-It-Yourself Coat Decor: Animal Print

Prints on clothes are very popular now. This season, designers have presented a variety of coats decorated with floral, abstract and animal prints.

Photos from fashion shows for inspiration

If you want to decorate the old coat actual animal print, then there is nothing easier. And even special drawing skills are not required.

You will need:

- coat or raincoat

- acrylic paints for fabrics brown, black and green

You do not even need a brush, it is quite possible to do with your fingers! Use your fingers to apply acrylic paint on the coat or coat and let it dry. It is better to print not on all coats, but on separate parts that you want to select, for example, on sleeves or lapels.

Do-it-yourself military coat

The military is a huge trend in the fashion world and especially it touches outerwear. Transform an old coat into a fashionable coat in a military style will be very simple, the main thing is to know the main attributes of this style. And they are: large metal buttons, rivets and other metal fittings, lacing, braid and other finishing.

To remake a coat in military style with your own hands, you will need:

- metal buttons. In the photo in the master class below, the girl suggests simply painting the buttons with gold paint, but this is not necessary, because it is easier to buy buttons made of metal or imitating it. You can choose any metal: for gold, silver, copper.

- decorative tape

Sew new buttons on a coat instead of old ones. Not all buttons need to be functional, some may have a purely decorative function. Decorate with tape edge of the sleeve. Webbing can also be sewn on the hem, shoulders or pockets.

Video workshop on the creation of this coat

Coat decor satin ribbon

The old coat can be slightly updated by shortening the sleeve and finishing the edge with a satin flight. How to do this, see the photo below.

Coat decor with rhinestones and beads

The décor of the coat with rhinestones and beads or embroidery on the coat has remained in trends for several seasons in a row. They do not lose their relevance, because they always look beautiful and will decorate any coat.

I bring to your attention two master classes on remaking the old coat and decorating it with rhinestones. For this decor, you will need rhinestones that can be bought at any hand-made store or fabric store. Rhinestones are sewn or glued. If you do not plan to wash the coat or expose it to other mechanical influences, then glued rhinestones are quite suitable for you.

In the first master section, the girl decorated a collar and a pocket with large rhinestones.

Second master class: photo

Coat decor lace

Very simple way to quickly remake a coat in a new one - decorate it with lace. Lace can be both contrasting and in tone of the fabric of the coat. For example, a small master class on the decoration of sleeves coat lace. The desired pattern of lace neatly sewn onto the coat by hand.

Alteration of a coat: current coat without sleeves

Long vests and a sleeveless coat came into vogue several seasons ago and continue to be with us the next spring. This coat is slim, and yet it is a great alternative to annoying twists and cloaks.

Making such a coat with your own hands is very simple.

You will need:

- old coat

- an old jacket or simply a fabric suitable for lining for processing the armhole of the sleeve

For the patient and assiduous: a neoprene coat

If you do not want to redo the old thing, and you want to get a new one, then neoprene comes to the rescue. This fabric is very simple in work, does not fringe, and at the same time holds its shape perfectly, so even those who have never held a needle in their hands can sew a coat from it. Time for such a coat will take a bit, and the result will please. Choose the neoprene colors of this spring, the girl in the photo chose pink and was not mistaken.

Cut the coat. For a sample of the pattern will suit any of your thing.

Sew stitches. Since you are working with neoprene, you do not need to cut the edges.

Enjoy the result)

Coat decor: collar

And the last fashionable trick for today, concerning the decor of the coat is the collar. If you do not want to sew and glue anything, but you want to update your coat, then just buy a fur collar. Such collars are not only in fashion this season, they are among other things capable of giving a completely new look to your coat. Miniature collars (boas) or voluminous fur collars are in fashion. According to the budget, such an acquisition will not hit either, because artificial fur is in fashion.

Write in the comments what ideas you like the most.

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