Skillrack decoded fashion

skillrack decoded fashion

Whoooooo! FINALLY!

Gracie is the fashion giraffe and will show up on a random weekday in the town plaza. She will assess your outfit and you have to pass four times to upgrade Timmy and Tommy’s shop to the T & T Emporium.

To pass Gracie’s test, most of your items have to match the theme she is asking for. You also have to avoid clashes between themes otherwise you will fail her test. Combinations of themes which clash can be seen in the table below.

Style Clash
Basic Flashy, Rock 'n' Roll
Cute N/A
Flashy Basic, Official
Historical N/A
Iconic N/A
Modern N/A
Official Flashy, Rock 'n' Roll, Sporty
Ornate N/A
Rock ‘n’ Roll Basic, Official
Sporty Official

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