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Snowballs with their hands

Snowballs with their hands

With the arrival of winter, every child dreams of snow falling as soon as possible and it was possible to make a snowman or play snowballs. But do not be upset if the weather is inappropriate outside the window - you can make snowballs with your own hands. For example, from ordinary wool, as in master classes from our article. Simple wadded snowballs - step by step instructions

This is one of the easiest ways to make snowballs. To do this, you need only two main materials - wool and glue. You can make such snowballs together with children who will not mind participating in the creation of funny cotton balls. They can also be used as a winter decor for the interior or decorating the space under a large Christmas tree.

Materials Required: Synthetic Wool PVA Glue

The main steps: Take cotton wool and divide it into the required number of small pieces. Hand wringing each piece so that the ball was formed.

Important! When buying cotton for making snowballs, pay attention to the fact that there is a “synthetic” mark on the package. It is from artificial material that you can make beautiful, airy and fluffy snow, which one wants to clap. We moisten hands with water and give each ball a more pronounced shape.

We combine glue with water in equal proportions in a small plate, lid or palette. Then we grease the surface of each ball with a wide synthetic brush.

Put snow on cotton on a plate or tray and place it in a warm place so that the crafts will dry out.

Cotton wool balls are ready! If desired, they can also be embellished. For example, glue snowflakes, sequins or sparkles.

Handmade snowballs - step by step instructions

For the next option, you will need a solution of potato starch, which will act as a binder liquid instead of glue. Making such snowballs is quite simple, so you can safely attract children to this fun activity. You can also sprinkle them with sparkles, which are sold in any craft store.

Materials needed: cotton wool potato starch cold water spangles

The main steps: First, you need to make a paste. It is done quite easily: you will need 200-250 ml of cold tap water and 2 teaspoons of starch. Pour water into a bowl or mug and gradually add starch, mixing the contents thoroughly.

We put the container with the future paste on the stove, the fire should be small. Constantly stir the contents of the mug. Bring to a boil and remove from heat. If bubbles are formed, you can remove them with a teaspoon.

While the paste is cooling down, we will make future lumps of snow from pieces of cotton.

With a spoon or brush we apply paste to the surface of each ball of cotton wool. Put ready snowballs on a plate, tray or dostochka. Leave crafts until completely dry in a warm place.

Wadding snowfall - step by step instructions

If you want to make cotton hard snowballs, and a whole snowfall, then stock up with plenty of materials. This winter wonder-decoration is done quickly, but it requires a little skill and patience. But the finished snowfall will be an excellent festive decor for a home or a Christmas party in kindergarten.

Required materials: synthetic wool white thread glue PVA

Main steps: We tear off small pieces from whole sheets of cotton wool. We crumple their hands to get snowballs.

We are threading a white thread in the eye of a needle. If you are making snowfall from cotton wool with children, then this stage should be performed by you. Since in order to pass a needle through the entire cotton ball, a lot of effort, accuracy and, of course, a sharp needle will be required. We measure the necessary length, but it is better to cut more than less.

Dilute the PVA glue in a plate and soak the entire length of thread in it. For convenience, you can use a brush that will gently spread the glue over the entire surface of the thread length.

We are threading a needle and thread in the middle of a snowball. We leave a small interval and again pass through the next snowball.

Here are a few snowballs on our thread. Before you hang them, you should straighten each snowball. Thus, the snowballs will look fluffy and more attractive.

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