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Solar cells with their hands

Solar cells with their hands


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When manually calculating a mandala, you invest your energy in it. As in the signature - it remains your energy mark. You interact with colors and numbers for a sufficient amount of time and at the same time certain processes are included.

The effect of the mandala to a great extent depends on the strength of concentration on it.
The mandala of your birthday is the restoration of the Divine order, it is certain resonant patterns that combine the physical body with the levels of higher dimensions. How is the calculation of the Template Personal Mandala?

The template of the Personal Mandala, during meditation (on color), purifies, harmonizes, heals.



1. Copy the pattern of the net mandala (on the printer).
2. Calculate the date of DR

For example: date of birth 12031945 will look like this:

12031945 54913021 - we mirror

3. Add the numbers together in turn,
each time write the result down between the numbers that were added.
If the addition has turned out a two-digit number, bring it to a prime number.

1 + 2 + 0 + 3 + 1 + ...
3 + 2 + 3 + 4 +
in the mandala (+) do not put, just put in mind

It looks like this - (count, there should be 16 lines, if you make a mistake - it will be less) @ myheavengate.com

.... 5..5..7..5..5..4..1..1..4..5..5. .7..5..5
…… 1..3..3..1..9..5..2..5..9..1..3..3..1.
…… ..4..6..4..1..5..7..7..5..1..4..6..4
……… .1..1..5..6..3..5..3..6..5..1..1
………… 2..6..2..9..8..8..9..2..6..2
………… ..8..8..2..8..7..8..2..8..8
…………… .7..1..1..1..6..6..1..1..7.
…………… ... 8..2..7..3..7..2..8
……………… ..1..9..1..1..9..1
………………… .1..1..2..1..1
…………………… 2..3..3..2
... .. ………………… 5..6..5
……………………… .2..2

4. We color each cell, in the corresponding digit color (it is better to use gel pens).

0; 1 - red
2 - blue
3 - green
4 - yellow
5 - light blue
6 - turquoise (sea wave)
7 - pink
8 - orange
9 - purple

You can read your personal Mandala and meditate on it.

0.1 - red - karmic blocks; Divine guidance;
2 - dark blue - magic (in a good way - magic)
3 - green - healing
4 - yellow - intelligence
5- blue - Space knowledge
6 - turquoise - cosmic energy
7 - pink - love
8 - orange - prayer
9 - purple - transformation
if the central Star (Souls) is red or green - They are the Messengers of God !!!

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Activate the pledged spiritual information in human DNA;

They bring in harmonic sound and tuning of the organs of the physical body, spirit, soul;

They bring various blocks to the surface of consciousness and help to get rid of them, freeing our inner potential;

Helping find the causes of our life difficulties;

They help develop our consciousness, increase energy vibrations and tune in to the Light;

Harmonize and purify space;

Neutralize the magnetic fields of electronic devices (for example, mobile phone, computer monitor),

The negative effect of drugs, harmful impurities and chemical elements in drinking water, etc.

Harmonization of communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain;

The three levels of consciousness are brought together into integrity: Superconsciousness (Higher Self), Consciousness and Subconsciousness (Inner Child) Calculation of the Name Mandala

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

S T U F X C H W Sh

We write the alphanumeric series and calculate as well as on the day of birth.

The calculation is made by full name, it turns out a lot of numbers, do the calculation as well as by date of birth until you get one ... in the mandala of 16 rows ... count up to eight + / mirror reflection. One nuance - the countdown in color will start from the number that will be the first in the eighth row from the center, i.e. - the first digit in the 8-digit series is red ....
For example ... 51286348/84368215
5 - red, 6 - blue, 7 - green ... etc to purple ..


Here, I calculated and painted my digital mandala (by date of birth):



The Star of the Soul came out blue - magic and magic, while surrounded by the second layer of the star - red-orange - that is, under Divine guidance and with prayer (for Benefit). Next are layers of pink-blue-yellow-green - love, intellect, obtaining cosmic knowledge and healing (or the desire for it). And if you take the outermost layer, it turns out a transformation under the influence of Cosmic Energies and under Divine guidance, healing.
In general, an interesting thing! We try and share information.

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