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Stepping hairstyles

Stepping hairstyles

the main

Every girl dreams to look charmingly at her wedding. To create the perfect image it will take a lot of effort, because you need to choose a dress, makeup, hair, accessories that would not only fit the bride, but also combine with each other. The girl is quite capable to make a wedding hairstyle by herself, having thought through all the details and selected the perfect option. So that on the wedding day you can play your own hairdresser without any problems, first experiment, having seen step-by-step instructions on how to carry out the festive styling. hairstyles for brides with long hair

A girl with beautiful long hair without any problems will be able to choose a wedding hairstyle to her taste, choosing any option: Dissolve them to show the beauty of their hair. This is ideal for girls who need to create a romantic image. Collect strands in horse tail. Make a beautiful bunch of hair using a roller.

Long hair bundle

Long hair is the pride of every girl, but coping with them is not so easy. Be sure to try to do your hair yourself a couple of weeks before the celebration, looking at the step-by-step execution of different styles. This is necessary in order to manage to find the ideal option, decide on the amount of time it will take to complete the hair, or to remain able to find a specialist, if after several attempts creating a masterpiece will not be crowned with success.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair Ponytail based hairstyle

Owners of elegant hair should pay attention to the example of the step-by-step implementation of a wedding hairstyle based on a horse's tail. To create it in advance, purchase or find the following materials at home: comb; studs; invisible; small gum; lacquer strong fixation.

Step by step hairstyle: On the parietal zone, you must select a triangle. Slay this hair so as not to interfere, collect the rest into the tail, which needs to be fixed with the help of several invisible women and elastic bands. Split the hair, tie the tail Braid your hair in the parietal zone with a spikelet on its side. To create a more volumetric braid, lightly stretch the thin strands. Spikelet fold in half and secure with studs. The tail is divided into 3 equal parts, each of which must be divided again by 2. Braid the braids, secure them with rubber bands. Total should get 6 braids. Pull them "accordion", fasten invisible and studs. In the resulting bundle distribute the strands to hairstyle became lush. Fix everything well with lacquer strong fixation. Attach the veil with stealth and hairpins.

Ponytail-based piling In Greek style with a diadem

The popularity of the Greek style in the hair is actively growing in recent times. This option is perfect for creating a gentle romantic image of the bride, and will also be perfectly combined with a Greek dress or in the Empire style. There are many variations of styling in Greek, consider the step-by-step implementation of high hair with diadem and braids. To create will require: comb; small gum; studs; invisible; lacquer strong fixation; diadem.

Step by step execution of wedding hairstyles: Comb your hair and make a smooth parting from the forehead to the top of the head. Separate the thin strand on the left, divide it into three parts and begin to weave the braid, throwing the strands to the center. We divide the hair, we begin to weave the braid As weaving, attach thin strands on one side. It is important to delay the braid back and up. Secure the finished pigtail with a rubber band. Weave a braid on the right side in a similar pattern. It is important to follow the symmetry. Similarly, weave another 1 pigtail on each side over the first. It is necessary to adhere to the same tension of braids, strands, their symmetry. Weaving the pigtails Curl the remaining curls. It is worth starting from the back of the head and moving upwards. To fix the curls, you must use varnish Wrap curls lift on both sides and secure stealth or studs. We curl the curls, we pin them on the sides Pigtails freely pull up and fix stealth, hiding tails under strands. We pin the pigtails: the hairstyle is ready Decorate the hairstyle with a tiara. Loose curls

Bride with luxurious long hair perfect hairstyle with loose, slightly curled curls. This design option is always in fashion, looks stylish. To create curls need curling, iron or curlers. The larger the diameter of the curlers, the rounder the curls will be; you should not choose small ones so that the “lamb” will not turn out as a result. Consider the step by step creation of chic curls with curling and ironing. Necessary accessories: hairbrush; curling iron / iron; lacquer for fixation; foam, gel.

Step-by-step curling of curls: Wash and dry your hair. To keep the hairstyle, and the curls are not unwound, you should definitely use foam or gel, and in the end fix it with varnish. Separate the upper part of the hair with a horizontal parting and pin it down. Twisting the strands should be started from the bottom, slowly moving to the crown. Separate the hair, start the curl By spiral wind a strand on the curling iron, moving upwards from the bottom. It is better to take smaller curls, then they warm up evenly and curl beautifully. Hold the strand around for 20-30 seconds. wind the curls wind all your hair in this way. Fix varnish. We collect curled strands into a hairstyle

Step-by-step creation of curls with the help of an iron: Before creating a wedding hairstyle, wash and dry your hair. Wind thin strands on your finger and fasten it at the roots with the help of a stealth or clip. By this principle curl all hair. With a flat iron, press each curl so that the strand is completely clamped. Dissolve the curls, if necessary, twist the tips. Fix varnish. We create curls with an iron Phased execution of hairstyles for medium hair

Medium hair length is perfect for a wedding hairstyle. It is easier to cope with them than with long ones, and there are much more styling options than for short ones. For medium lengths, a bun, a shell, a bow, and a Greek style with a ribbon are perfect. To find the perfect hair styling option, you will have to try different variations.

Medium length hair styles Bow of hair

The hairstyle in the form of hair laid in a bow looks original at the wedding. Decorate it with fresh flowers or a beautiful hairpin. To create will require: iron; hairbrush; studs, invisible; varnish

Step by step execution of the bow: Hair collected in a ponytail at the crown. Separate, secure clip. Make a loop from the tail, tied up with an elastic band to match the hair. The end of the tail must be left in front. The loop is divided into two equal halves and diluted to the side, pressed to the head. The remaining tail to throw through the middle of the "bow" and stab behind stealth. Decorate the bow as desired, attach the veil with hairpins.

Step-by-step execution of the hairstyle With weaving and flowers

Weaving is well suited to create a stylish wedding hairstyle on medium hair: braids in different styles and techniques. Popular French classic braid, air, fishtail, openwork braid, French waterfall. Creating a hairstyle based on weaving does not require a lot of effort and special skills. To give a spit a festive look, you can use fresh flowers as a decorative ornament, for example, the same ones that are part of the bouquet.

Stepwise execution of the French braid: At the crown of the head, separate the upper part of the hair to weave the braid, divide it into 3 equal parts. Put the right strand on top of the middle one, and the left one on top of the other two. Put all strands in your left hand, separate them with your fingers. Small part of the hair to separate the right side of the braids and add to the strands. Move it all to the left. Shift the middle strand to the right. It is necessary to ensure that the strands are not mixed and not messed up. We are starting to weave a French braid On the left side, separate the thin strand and attach it to the braid. Move to the right and the middle part to the left. Using the same principle, weave the braid to the end. The order of execution of the French braid and the result The French wedding braid is ready. If desired, decorate it with flowers, hairpins, attach a veil invisible.

Wedding styling with a French braid How to make a hairstyle with your hands on short hair?

Brides with short hair should focus on the decorations in their hair, because they are able to emphasize the style of the chosen image. Such decorations do not necessarily have to be ideally combined with all elements of the image - make-up, dress, veil. Beautiful options for hairstyles for short hair for a wedding can be images in a retro style, haircut bob, "mischievous" hairstyle. For the styling to keep the shape, it is necessary to use means for fixation - gel, varnish, foam.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair retro waves

On the short hair will look great hair "waves in a retro style." To fulfill it is important to be patient and follow the step by step instructions. You will need: comb (comb or small); means of fixation (foam, varnish); in some cases - special clips.

Stepwise execution of retro waves: Divide the hair with an oblique parting, apply a fixing agent on the part where the work will begin. Brush well. Place the index finger of your left hand on the hair at a distance of 5-6 cm from the roots. Set the comb by teeth in the direction of the head at a distance of 2 cm from the finger. Form a wave, lifting the hair up comb. We put the middle finger of the left hand in place of the index finger, and move the latter over the comb, forming a comb. Comb move another 2 cm below. Doing retro wave styling Put your index finger back on the comb, leave the middle finger in its place. Between the fingers formed 2 ridges and 1 groove. Similarly, make the other side. It is important that the styling is symmetrical. Wedding hairstyle in retro style is ready.

Retro waves for the wedding naughty careless styling

To create an image of naughty girls short hair fit perfectly. This hairstyle will look stylish, fashionable, and the bride will be pleased with her appearance. It will take a little for styling: a comb, a curling iron, a means for fixing, 2 small hairpins, optionally a tiara. Before creating a hairstyle, you must thoroughly wash and dry your hair, apply a foam or gel.

Step by step installation instructions: Starting from the back of the head, twist the hair with forceps with the tips out. Do this with all the hair. Bang and curls at the temples twist flagella and fix hairpins on the parietal zone. Decorate the hair with a diadem, attach a veil.

Careless wedding hair styling Step-by-step video on the implementation of wedding hairstyles

To learn how to create a beautiful, stylish hairstyle and independently make it for yourself at a wedding celebration, it will take a lot of time for training, studying step-by-step instructions and master classes. A useful help for you can be a video below with detailed instructions and a clear demonstration of the sequence, rules for the implementation of styling. See an example of step-by-step execution of a simple, but stylish hairstyle for long hair: Master class on making hair in the style of the 60s

Retro style is back in fashion. Often, it is chosen for parties, meetings and even weddings. When you design a celebration in the style of the 60s, it is important to take care of the conformity of the image of the bride to the chosen theme. Wedding retro outfit, makeup with arrows and hairstyle will help. By watching the video below, you can learn how to do your own hair in the style of the 60s. Styling is suitable for both long and short hair: Hairdo "Gibson" with his own hands

Beautiful hairstyle - a bunch of "Gibson" is popular and is often used as a wedding styling. A bundle will help create a gentle, romantic, feminine image. The undoubted advantage of this hairstyle is the ability to create it yourself at home without special skills, special accessories or help. To make sure that the hairstyle is simple, watch the video with detailed step-by-step instructions and try to do it yourself: Photos of stylish hairstyles for a wedding with bangs and without

It does not matter how long your hair is - either to the waist or barely reach the shoulders, straight or with a lot of curls, docile or not, with bangs or not. For any type, you can choose the appropriate option, and look great on the day of the wedding celebration. Below are examples of popular, elegant hairstyles for brides, viewing which you can find something for yourself.

Pads with bangs

Fashionable styling in the Greek style

Hairstyles with joked hair

Curled Laying

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