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Surface planer with their hands

Surface planer with their hands

The company "Technology Exchange" official dealer of the world's leading manufacturers of equipment for woodworking. Thanks to this cooperation, we supply a wide range of products to the domestic market. In addition, our company is a partner of well-known world brands, one of them is the leader of the Italian market, the concern SCM Group, which produces equipment for the production of world-class furniture.

We can not only buy a woodworking machine, but also fully prepare it for work. The specialists of the service company "Technology Exchange" carried out pre-sale preparation of equipment and commissioning of the machine, as well as we perform a full after-sales support. Specialists of the company are always ready to provide comprehensive advice on any matter of interest to you.

On the site you can choose the necessary woodworking equipment from a wide range. We have: format-cutting machines, cutting centers, drilling and filler machines, machining centers, edgebanding machines and much more. Our customers can be sure that they will become owners of only high-quality equipment, the production of which applies only advanced technologies.
A wide range of machines from leading manufacturers

Thanks to the cooperation with well-known global manufacturers of woodworking machines, we are ready to offer our customers comprehensive solutions based on a wide range of equipment.

Here you will find the machines of the famous Italian concern SCM and the trade brands Minimax, Morbidelli, Gabbiani, Routech, Celaschi, DMC, Superfici, Sergiani, Mahros, Stefani, CPC, CMS, as well as woodworking machines of other famous Italian companies: ORMA, VITAP, ANDREONI, BREVETTI, OMGA, CASATI, CORAL CENTAURO, OSAMA, STROMAB.

In addition to Italian brands, we cooperate with the Chinese manufacturer VANGUARD, producing high-quality equipment, at the level of European suppliers. So, gluing, combined, edgebanding, band sawing and other woodworking machines are represented here almost exclusively by this brand. High quality and a large selection of equipment VANGUARD gives us the ability to easily choose the right option for any needs.

We also offer the best veneer processing equipment from the famous German manufacturer KUPER - the products of this company do not need advertising and are always at the forefront of progress.
Equipment of all types and kinds

The full cycle of furniture production and the production of semi-finished products from wood consists of several stages. For sawing blanks, we offer a large selection of saws and format-cutting machines. To prepare the surface for processing and the actual processing itself, we can offer a wide range of milling equipment, with which you can choose sockets, grooves, spikes, trimming and countersinking. Our reysmusovy woodworking machines will allow you to achieve the required thickness of the part and make its surface smooth.

You can also find our planers, the main function of which is planing straight wood products and chamfering at an angle. In addition, we offer universal models: jointing and measuring equipment, combining the functions of calibration and alignment.

Our product range also includes quadrilateral, copy-milling, tenoning, grinding and drilling-filler machines, pantographs, painting booths and other professional woodworking equipment that can make your production more efficient.
From home use to mass production

In addition to models that perform strictly defined functions, we implement universal woodworking centers, which, thanks to a wide range of available operations, are ideal for small industries. Now you have the opportunity to buy woodworking machines of this class on favorable terms!

At the same time, along with options for small private joinery workshops and home production, we offer powerful woodworking machines capable of working both independently and as part of large production lines.
The company "Technologies Exchange" official dealer of SCM, Italian companies for the production of machines for various purposes.

You can buy a machine from an authorized SCM dealer on this site. We have a wide range of SCM machines that can be purchased both by availability and by order. For example, SCM machining centers, which are represented by two types - machining centers SCHM with a flat table and with a traverse table, thanks to which the operation of drilling the ends of the workpieces is possible.

Also here you will find SCM cutting centers and SCM format-cutting machines.

For processing the edges of the blanks you can buy SCM edgebanding machines from us, both automatic and manual feed. To complete the finishing workpieces, here you will find a wide selection of grinding machines SCHM. And it is possible to implement a flexible approach to drilling with the help of a SCM CNC boring machine.

For carpentry work, we recommend using four-sided SCM machines and combined machine tools SCM, which you can also purchase from our company.

You can find out the price of the official CMM dealer by calling +7 (495) 642-82-51 or by sending a request by email. We have branches in different cities of Russia, so always with us you can buy an SCM machine and get qualified technical advice.

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