The cultivator with his own hands the drawings

Complicated faces for a time. Zhao Even Imperial Prince Grant and beckoned Jiang Chen over. “Little Chen, tell us everything you know in detail.”

He was immediately responded with, “It was an attack. She was trying to escape Cloudshatter Mountain. However, she reached the edge of the formation. It was then realized. ”

“What happened to Granny Goldneedle after she was devoured?” Prince Zhao had heard of the old woman’s name. He knew that she was a third level emperor realm cultivator.

“There are no more signs of life. She’s probably dead. ”Jiang Chen sighed.

“What about Sir Miao?” Prince Zhao asked again.

“I killed him.” This wasn’t a lie at least. “After I’ve seen Sir Miao and I’m not happy, I’ve been losing my way here. However, these people tried to stop me. If you haven’t arrived, I may not even be able to come in, Your Highness. ”

Jiang Chen’s words were woven with half lies and truth. He has been cleared and taken away from the picture. It is a scatter, and it wasn’t a dream.

He would not feel any good. They were useful in the fight against the Veranda master. He didn’t have the demon emperor. He couldn’t have been able to make it. It was no time for him to make a line.

It was doubtful that he would have been able to take care of it. The restrictions were not completely useless.

But he wouldn’t have been able to save the demon. Therefore, it’s possible to prevent the demon emperor from emerging at the same time.

“Your highness, it’s true, it’s really a lot of fun.” Elder Zhang couldn’t help.

Prince Zhao frowned. “What is he planning? He can’t be swoop, can he? Is he really that greedy? ”

Everyone fell silent silently The prince waved his hands once his ruthless personality shone. “Let us forget the Veranda master for now. We’ll deal with whatever comes our way later. We’re just a coward who doesn’t even want to show his face. What can he possibly do to us? ”

Zhao was forced to make up his men’s spirits. It is a dream.

As for the other matters, they were. Zhao still couldn’t have been tracked He didn’t feel like he was in the Scarlet Mid Region itself! If he could have been afflicted, he would have been swept away in an instant. And one day couldn’t even qualify for them as an upper region.

“Old Zhang, this place is unto the death. Kill the Veranda master the second he shows up! ”

Old Zhang was a sixth level emperor realm cultivator himself. With his hands on him, he should have been able to make it even if he wondered.

Prince Zhao “Everyone seems to be the master of the web of schemes extends even to us. Since all of our lives are still at stake, don’t you think about it? ”

As the three great sects hesitated, a voice suddenly came from the crowd. “I can’t help you, but I can’t help you.”

Prince Zhao’s face turned dark. “Who are you?”

The man smiled. “I am just a nobody, so I doubt you have use for my name. I’m curious about something

“What do you mean?” Prince Zhao was expressionless. “My men are absolutely loyal to the royal family. I’m saying that I’m a little crude. ”

“I have absolutely no intentions of sowing the discord among others. Imperial Prince Zhao, this Daoist Chen isn’t Do you really think so much about the world famous wandering cultivator, Sir Miao, in such a short time? Moreover, don’t you consider it carefully? ”

Jiang Chen smiled and stared at this person deeply. “Now I’m curious. This is the royal family’s internal business. Are you telling me that you know?

Jiang Chen looked calm, but anxiety was actually gnawing at him from the inside. It is obviously trying to undermine his credibility. He might even be in cahoots with the Veranda master! Perhaps the Veranda master had secretly ordered him to stand up in accusation.

After all, he had survived the attack from the wandering cultivators. If you are still in the veranda master’s head. Moreover, he had tampered with the veranda of his plans and sent away from here. It must have been affected. Considering the person’s personality, it’s not a problem.

“The royal family? Can you swear a heavenly oath and truly represent the royal family? ”The wandering cultivator who accused Jiang Chen sneered in response.

Jiang Chen refused to show weakness. “If you’ll swear a heavenly oath and you’re not an accomplice of the Veranda master, then why not!”

He turned with a cupped fist salute and looked at Prince Zhao.

“Your highness, you can trustworthy right away. I’m not sure if I’m not really a witness, I’m not He’s planning to get us all in one go! If you remember, Granny Goldneedle spent spending some time on business. If she hadn’t been discovered? Why would she be killed in the end? ”

Jiang Chen is a meaningful glance, then he looked back on the wandering cultivator. “Since you’re mindful of you, you’re not

The wandering cultivator snorted coldly. “I was hired by the Veranda master. It’s my job to handle his problems. So I can’t exactly deny it, can I? Accusing Daoist Chen of Lying, however. ”

“Like hell it isn’t! If you’re the one who created the spirit, then you’re causing trouble by accusing my subordinate! ”Prince Zhao scolded coldly.

Old Zhang beckoned Jiang Chen to walk closer. He had no choice but to comply.

“Little Chen, do you know the absolute truth?” Old Zhang asked calmly.

Jiang Chen’s eyes were honest. “Elder Zhang, I’m going to say this again. If we’re our guard down, I’m not

As they spoke, they suddenly shook. Everyone stumbled on their feet as the tremors grew in intensity. The shaking quickly turned into a full blown earthquake. In the next moment, the stone giants stood up. They were floated. The rocks floated slowly at the beginning, but they quickly gained in speed.


It was as if the rocks moved swiftly. They flew and rammed into a random area, blotting out the sky. Even the smallest rock was three meters tall. The ninety meters.

It was the crater in half.

A lot of cultivators were struck by the flying rocks. For any emperor realm cultivator despite their flying speed. However, they hid badly even at the slightest brush. Those caught by the rocks died upon impact. Their flesh and blood splattered all over in gory fashion.

For a time, the place was in absolute chaos. Naturally, Jang Chen couldn’t afford to hang around Zhang in this situation. He immediately executed the Kunpeng Meteoric Escape and the dodged the rocks. No one was faster than him in this place.

The others weren’t as lucky, however. The formation of the rocks has been thrown back by a powerful pulse. It completely cut off their retreat.

It was immediately understood. This is a rock formation.

“This isn’t good!” An unsettling feeling passed through Jiang Chen’s mind. In the next moment, he suddenly took over the flying rocks.

If you’re a mind of their own. The disk spun in everyone’s air sucked everyone in. Not even Prince Zhao was able to escape.

Everyone's eyes dimmer and dimmer. The sky is cast of darker shadows upon them. It didn’t take long before absolute darkness consumed everyone.

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