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The rafters for the roof with his hands

The rafters for the roof with his hands

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How To Build A Shed: Building & Installing Roof Rafters. How to build a shed roof step by step.

Sorry for that. 0: 07build the walls I used the floor debt instead 0: 11of using regular rafters and regulars we used roof trusses I used the
0: 17floor deck to snap out the lines because it's much easier method of snapping it
0: 21out of the picture 0: 25on the floor deck is what it represents one
0: 33side 0: 37of that is 0: 42wall on the roof 0: 50inches inches 0: 54with them down 0: 58right proportions so it’s six inches so six inches from
1: 02the wall of this wall actually this
1:20 am right here's the eight-foot wall
1: 13plus six inches on both sides give you a 90 overall half of that which is the 1: 19center of just the make and what you are gonna do with just make
1: 25another mark 1:30 for the six inches and then draw the line 1: 39 ding call ding call call call call call 1: 44it the pitch we're gonna pitch or
1: 48in a slope of eight inches up we

1: 54k now eight inches
1: 59there's one foot 16 foot foot four 16 foot four 32 foot four
2: 06and then the half foot equals four inches which is right there
2: 12ok and we want it now
2: 17 there is just like that
2: 24all these marks are you can see 2: 37the chord and
2: 41then we get that same side that
2: 45we have these two
2: 50angles this one down here 2: 55top: Nate pitch
3: 0118 here you are 3: 07get there it all played out the same. 3: 11read so this is the best thing
3: 16and we’re going to 3: 21outside at night 3: 25outside numbers that would be another way using a bevel that way you
3: 33don't hold it up against the
3: 38lines of it until you get the angle 3: 43for the rafter or the
3: 51top court of the trust
4: 05much 4: 11just going to match the wall 4: 15bottom minimarket down about a quarter I don't
4: 20want it
4: 20 coming up above the top 10 4: 26inch doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s all
4: 43that about eight inches 8 to 10 inches on either side
4: 57together the couple 5: 10regular trusses for the gable and trusses 5:15 each end because I’m sitting on the wall sheathing up we have this big gap
5:21 ith 5: 25evening cannabis 5:30 shooting comes in half inch or less in this case and we’re near the whole thing
5: 34together that's what makes us strong
5:40 pm on it

5: 44reason you need your methods 5: 48shed cable ends

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