To sew a jeans bag DIY pattern

When you are a kid It looks beautiful. But this is not a kid's bag.

Hands and light enough. Here is where the drawstring backpack bag comes to; hands free.

This bag is one of the easiest bags you can ever make. If you have readymade drawstrings all the more easier. If you don’t need to have them, you can’t have them.

Pattern pieces

easy backpack pattern

2 Bag pieces (+ 2 identical lining pieces if using): Cut 2 rectangle piece of fabric 15 inch by 13 inch (for small drawstring backpack bag) 17 inch by 15 inch (for smaller bag) 20 inch square pieces.

As I am using a silk fabric, this is a thin silk fabric. Treated as one.

2 Loops: Cut 2 small pieces of fabric 3.5 inch by 2 inch

2 Drawstrings: Cut drawstring - two pieces of 60- 65 inches long

How to stitch the Drawstring Backpack

Step 1

Prepare the loops

Small small small small inch inch inch inch inch inch inch double double double double double double double 3 inch

Keep aside the finished two pieces

Step 2

Leave it plain.Your choice. You can add work or do embroidery.

Fake leather applique patch- just cut the fake leather and stitch in place

I took the fake leather; cut it out and make it out. the star applique piece is ready.


Keep the applique on the bag and the stitch in place, on the top of the bag piece.

Step 3

Prepare your bag on the top edge of the bag pieces.

Hes hes hes inc inc inc inc inc; press in place.

backpack pattern

Turn it around 1/2 inch first. Stitch in place. This is made for a drawstring.

Do this for the two bag pieces.

diy drawstring bag

Cut open sem allowance

Step 4

Keep the bag top right side up. 1.5 inches from the bottom edge.

Pin the loop in place

Step 5

Loss up the bag on the bag with the loops. Ensure that the edges are aligned correctly)

diy drawstring backpack pattern

Red line in the picture indicates the stitching line

When stitching, make sure that the stitching of the side seams

Stitching lines (or more) so that the loops are secure

Turn the bag right-side out. The bag piece is ready

Step 4

You have two pieces of drawstring of about 60 - 65 inches long

Thread casings with a safety pin. (Both back and front get one drawstring each)

stitch easy drawstring bag

Step 5

Now thread the drawstring through the loops on either side

Tie the loose ends of the drawstring. The knot should be extra strong. You don’t want to go anymore later.

Do this for the other side as well.

diy drawstring backpack

You have the easiest drawstring backpack ready.

back pack drawstring bag DIY pattern

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