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Upgrading your own hands car

Upgrading your own hands car


Often, the reworking of the tiller is carried out in cases where the performance of the unit, functionality and ease of control no longer satisfy the owner of the equipment. In some cases, individual craftsmen spend tuning the motoblock to realize their visual fantasies or to want to impress others. Today, in almost every private house and at the dacha there is a walk-behind tractor or a motor-cultivator. However, the possibilities of this technique are limited. To expand the functionality of the tillers, you can contact a specialized workshop, but the price of such conversion can be very high. There are several ways of inexpensive and practical modernization of the motor-block with your own hands.

Modernization of the motoblock External tuning unit

Structurally, light, medium and heavy tillers practically do not differ. They consist of a power plant, chassis and controls. The operator resembles an ancient plowman, holding the handle of the unit with both hands. However, it is not protected from sunlight, rain, snow and heat coming from the engine. To create additional comfort do not need to spend extra money. Everything you need is at hand. External modernization of the tiller includes the installation of a removable or permanent tent, additional protective cover or hood over the power plant.

To work will require: roulette; building level; Bulgarian; welding machine; electric drill; set of wrenches; steel or aluminum corner 30 x 30 mm; paint brush; acrylic paint; tarpaulin or polycarbonate; flexible plastic.

External refinement of the motoblock is carried out in the following sequence: Drawing up drawings. It is necessary to accurately calculate all the dimensions of the frame, to provide options for its attachment to the frame and handles. Carrying out marking, cutting out blanks for the awning, casing, wings and bonnet. Welding frame from the corner. Drilling mounting holes, cleaning metal from rust, oil and dirt. Painting made design. Fitting frame on the frame. Basting and making holes in it. Fixing the frame with bolts and nuts, checking the reliability of all connections. Installation on the frames of plastic covers and awning.

There is the option of mounting the instrument panel on the handle. So the unit will look solid and personable. The operator additionally gets the opportunity to monitor the state of the power plant, to know the speed of the machine and the distance traveled. When reworking a walk-behind tractor outside, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the air freely penetrates to the motor, cooling it qualitatively. Tuning of the power plant

From the stability of the engine depends on its power and performance equipment. Upgrading the standard motor is very expensive and unpromising. But, there are several ways to make the engine more efficient.

For this you need: Put a high-quality spark plug. Regularly clean it from carbon, periodically calibrate the lumen. At the first sign of power reduction, replace the candle. Use the best gaskets on all joints. This allows you to maintain the desired pressure in the unit, prevents the reduction of power and the formation of smoke during operation. Fill the engine with the best oil to the top mark. It should be remembered that when tilting the unit there is an outflow of oil from moving parts. Check the quality of the fuel before pouring into the tank. It is advisable to let it settle for a while so that the water sinks to the bottom of the tank. The tank itself must be cleaned and wiped dry every 2-3 days. Install additional radiator. To do this, steel plates are welded to the engine housing, which will effectively remove excess heat.

The radical solution is to replace the power plant with a more powerful and perfect one. Today you can purchase Japanese, Chinese and European engines, which are distinguished by high performance and reliability. It is possible that under the new power plant will have to redo the frame. Making accessories

Motor tillers are available for sale assembled and with a minimum configuration. To perform the entire volume of agricultural work, the plow and the milling cutter are clearly not enough. A factory kit for reworking a motoblock can cost more than the unit itself. Make it various attachments and attachments can be made of scrap materials, using the tools that are in each storeroom of a country house and cottages. Drawing cutters for the motoblock Drawing of the plow to the motor-block  Drawing of cutters for walk-behind tractor Drawing of trolley for walk-around tractor \

It is worth considering some options for the manufacture of additional equipment with their own hands: Converted rake to collect mowed grass, debris, twigs and fallen leaves. If you do this work manually, it will take a lot of time and effort. Hook-on equipment will allow to clean large areas within a few minutes. The work will require a wide strip of sheet iron and a few meters of reinforcement with a cross section of 8-12 mm. The armature should be cut into lengths of 10 cm and welded to the plate in several rows and at intervals of 3-4 cm. Long thrusts are welded to the plate for attachment to the frame of the motoblock. Trailer rakes can be equipped with rollers to improve maneuverability and softness. Dump for snow cleaning. Most units work in the cold much more efficiently, because they do not overheat. You can mechanize snow removal in the winter. The blade is made of two welded together pieces of a channel. This allows you to get a capture height of up to 40 cm. The width of the blade is selected according to the power and weight of the unit in the range of 40-80 cm. The blade is fixed to the front of the machine rigidly on the bolts. Initially it can be mobile or stationary. Truck and trailer. On the motoblock it is impossible to move on the highway, therefore it is not necessary to adjust it to the requirements of the traffic regulations The cart is made of a corner, a channel and old wheels from a small car; a trailer is attached to it. It is made of metal profiles and boards. Coupling with the tow is done as standard for cars or tractors.

Having shown a creative approach, you can make hillocks, harrows and potato tenders, which are not inferior in quality to their factory counterparts. Increase in speed and passability

These questions are relevant for those who have to work on heavy and wet ground, on the climbs and descents. Even the most advanced models can slip, forcing the operator to make additional efforts to push the machine forward. Many are not satisfied with the speed of the unit when towing equipment or transporting various goods.

There are several ways to solve these problems: Increase the diameter of the wheels. Most of the tillers are equipped with wheels with a diameter of 25-30 cm. If you put the wheels 45-50 cm from the old compact car, the speed of the unit will double. But, one should not make a race car out of a motor-block, since this device is not distinguished by high strength and good stability. Accelerate to 25-30 km / h is possible only on a flat road without sharp turns. Make and install weighting. For such devices factory-made in the store will have to pay a large sum. It is better to make their own hands from scrap materials. The weights are placed on the wheels and on the frame. The wheel load is made of steel discs and a hexagonal full-bodied profile. The welded parts are inserted into the hub hexagon and fixed with cotter pins in the drilled holes. Instead of iron discs, you can use reinforced concrete blanks or flat round jars with a throat in which sand is poured. The body of the motoblock becomes heavier with the help of removable frames from the corner. Already the frame is screwed loads of different weights and configurations. Secure the tracks. This solution will allow you to turn the walker into a full-fledged low-speed snowmobile. It is enough to install another axle with wheels and purchase wide rubber tracks. Inside the tracks, you need to attach stoppers so that they do not jump off the wheels. Homemade snowmobile can be useful in the spring, when the soil is wet, and the terrain for conventional vehicles is impassable. In the kit for a homemade snowmobile you can make a sleigh for transportation of various goods through the snow, hunting, fishing or in the nearest store after a snowfall.

There are plenty of opportunities for a radical transformation of even a small domestic tiller. This technique is can be transformed into any agricultural implement and off-road vehicle.

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