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Voltage regulator 12V with their hands

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Method 1 Making a Foil Knight Costume Image titled Make a Knight Costume Step 1

one Gather materials. It makes it possible to use the classic Foil Knight costume. If you want to be able to make it up, it will take you a couple of scissors! Aluminum Pants / Tape / Stapler [1] Image titled Step 2

2 Make your crown or helmet. There are some noble characters that can be seen here. It would be a knock on it. Circlet: take your card stock and draw a crown. It is a clear concept of the crown. This will form the headband. For your head. Cutting and fasten your hands together. If you have a card, it will work in a pinch. It is a little bit more than a helmet. Add a point to your circle, making a teardrop shape. This point will be your front of your helmet. There is a tear in shape between the two lines. Cut along your outer line, clipping slits in your inch line between the first and second lines. Bottom and bottom pieces. Cutting it out on the bottom of a piece of silver, cutting it in for a long time, and then cutting it in. This will be your helmet inserts. Sewing up the bottom of the folds of the bottom of the wall. [2] Image titled Make a Knight Costume Step 3

3 Trace your sword on cardboard. Designs or minute detail; It will give you a metallic effect. [3] Cut a simple, cross-shaped sword to your desired size. It will be a little screaming. (Ax, trident, spear) from cardboard. You can achieve the same metallic effect with some paints. Unique design. Image titled Make a Knight Costume Step 4


Smith your gleaming crown and sword. It would be clear that it would be possible to make it. Image titled Make a Knight Costume Step 5


Prepare your shield. Draw the shape of your shield (likely diamond). [4] Measure and mark the holes for the shield, which occupies the center of the shield. [5] Phillips screwdriver punch holes for your shield-strap. Image titled Make a Knight Costume Step 6

6 Thread the strap and decorate. There is a chance to take care of your skin. From it, you can paint it with designs, or add a coat of arms. Shouting de lis, a roaring lion, a griffin, a castle turret. Image titled Make a Knight Costume Step 7

7 Suit up. Help you go to your newly made knightly gear. Medieval tunic. Black undergarments can also be worn for more ominous effect. Method 2 of a Column Costume Image of the Step 8

one Gather supplies. The Colander Knight costume, though it still remains. Glue guns, glue sticks, measuring tape, and scissors in addition to: Black hoodie Cardigan wrap-on paper Roll over white backing Small red and black feathers Small metal colander Small roll canvas-backed foil insulation (available at hardware stores) [6] Image titled Make a Knight Costume Step 9

2 Make the tunic. You will need to take your measuring tape to mid-thigh. You should also take your chest measurement. It means that you can’t make it so that you can’t get it. Dress up your necklace chain. Image titled Make a Knight Costume Step 10


Make your shield. Of your shield? If you want to make it, it’s a good idea. You can finish the shield; tin to do this. Image titled Make a Knight Costume Step 11


Assemble knee and elbow guards. Your imitations of the joint armor knights wore. Scoop pad. Now you can slip these over your knees and elbows. Image titled Make a Knight Costume Step 12

five Plume your helmet. Red and black feathers are your choice. Glue If you have a collar or neck, it is uncomfortable, underneath the colander for padding. Image titled Make a Knight Costume Step 13


Throw together your gauntlets. It’s not a look at all of the gauntlets. The liner doesn’t have to completely cover each glove; enough liner for effect is fine. Image titled Make a Knight Costume Step 14


Assemble your costume. Put on your gray and black boots, gloves, hoodie, and your knightly gear. Community Q & A

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Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit Warnings Always take off costume pieces before stapling, gluing, or taping. You couldn’t be careful. Things You'll Need

Aluminum foil (Foil Knight)

Black elastic or ribbon (Foil Knight)

Cardboard (Foil Knight)

Construction paper (Foil Knight)

Markers (Foil Knight)

Paint (Foil Knight)

Phillips screwdriver (Foil Knight)

Silver card stock (Foil Knight)

Scissors (Foil Knight)

Tape / stapler (Foil Knight)

1 yard elastic (Colander Knight)

1/2 yard patterned fabric (colander knight)

12-inch pieces red and black felt (Colander Knight)

2 yards silver ribbon (Colander Knight)

4 white or metallic scouring pads (Colander Knight)

Black boots (Colander Knight)

Black gloves (Colander Knight)

Black hoodie (colander knight)

Cardboard wrapping-paper roll (Colander Knight)

Disposable pie tin (Colander Knight)

Gray long johns (Colander Knight)

Gray nonskid drawer liner or rug pad (Colander Knight)

Large red and black feathers (Colander Knight)

Small metal colander (Colander Knight)

Small roll canvas-backed foil insulation (Colander Knight)

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