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Following registration, all attendees will be required to sign a LA Fashion Retreat agreement

If I am a 12 Month Private Client, am I already registered for this event? 

All 12 Month Private Coaching Clients are automatically registered for the Retreat with no additional registration fees. That’s right! NO EXTRA COST TO YOU outside of travel to Los Angeles, food and miscellaneous spending costs.Any new private clients starting a 12 month program after December 7, 2018 will not have inclusive access to the LA Retreat unless full tuition balance is fulfilled. You are a Private Client if you are registered for 12 month private coaching programs only. To attend as a private client, you must be within a private client agreement at time of retreat. If you are a 6 month client, you must have chosen the LA Fashion Retreat add on option at program start date. If you are within a 90 day home study course, you are not eligible to attend the retreat as a private client as you are not within a 12 month private client coaching agreement.

Can I do a payment plan?

We are not accepting any payment plan options for this event. All payments must be made in full. 

Who attends the Fashionpreneur Awards Gala?

THE FASHIONPRENEUR AWARDS GALA is a one-of-a-kind, intimate event specially designed for women and men between the ages (21 - 45+) to include fashion lovers, industry professionals, influencers, bloggers and more.


Do I have to be 18 to attend?

Alcohol will be on the premises. Attendees are required to show identification upon entry. Attendees 18 or younger may attend but must be escorted with a guardian or parent. Parents or guardians must purchase tickets to attend as well.

I am not a 12 month Private Client, can I still attend the garment district tour?

Yes. Choose the VIP option. 

Can I customize a package and choose which portions of the retreat I want to attend?

We are not able to customize any attendee experiences outside of what is already available.  Attendees are able to attend the 3 Day Experience or the Fashionpreneur Awards only. 

Can I bring a friend?

All attendees must register for the Retreat individually. No plus ones that are not registered attendees will be granted access.  

Can I give a ticket to a friend or transfer it?

All tickets are non refundable and non transferrable. 


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