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Games for girls Winx very exciting. After receiving all the powers of the sorceress acquire amazing abilities. They will be able to turn into mermaids and travel around the underwater world and explore the depths of the sea. Only in this way they will prevent the actions of Tritannus, who plans to become the king of the ocean and the main magicians in the whole magical world.

Most of the little girls want to turn into wonderworkers and dress up games will help them in this. Whatever country they are in, in England, in Italy or in Russia, girls still dream of dressing up in gorgeous dresses from the 18th or 19th centuries. Each heroine will be able to choose the right outfit for the sorceress. Toys will also help transform into modern girls who prefer to wear jeans with torn knees or mini skirts. The girls will change with their pets. All transformations occur with the help of a magic wand. With one stroke, you can not only change the outfit, but also the hairstyle and hair color. Fashion is changing, but faith in miracles, justice, magic and kindness remains unchanged.

Dress up helps to become real sorceresses. With the help of such abilities fairies can hide from people living on our planet. Six sorceyke in every way trying to disguise, because no one should learn about their power. Only in this way it is possible to realize the most fascinating plots and the fans of sorceresses will not be able to miss.

Winx school games almost instantly won the hearts of little fans. Girls around the world, starting in 2004, saw their future idols. The appearance of such fun has further increased their interest. There are even boys in the world who like this game, even though it was made for girls. Cartoons, movies and games of Bloomix conquered children of all ages. We want to have a little acquaintance with each of the wizards.

A brief fairy tale dossier on the main characters:

The leader of the wonderworkers is considered to be Bloom. This simple girl grew up all her life and did not know about her unique abilities. The red-haired beauty with blue eyes and long legs has become the most powerful and powerful fairy in the entire magical dimension of the Matrix. Fifteen years of her life Bloom did not suspect anything, but when she came into the world, everything changed. She had to forget about ordinary life, going to school and many friends. The fairy learned about her abilities when she accidentally saved fairy Stella. With just one stroke of her hand, she released a multitude of lightning bolts that in a few seconds killed Stella’s opponents. New acquaintance Bloom told her about the amazing and magical world and about her charms. Since then, Bloom has learned about where she was born and who her real parents were. The real mother and father fought the evil monster and during the fight they disappeared.

Bloom began to live a new life. She decided to get to the bottom of the truth and find out what happened to her parents and find them. Since then, she has plunged into a new life, where she has to combine normal and magical life. She has to fight evil, live a normal life, practice her abilities and fall in love. Children's games have disappeared forever from her life and a young girl must enter adult life.

Bloom has one difference that makes her stand out among other wizards. She has the power to change. Over time, her abilities increase significantly. Bloom herself does not know yet what she is really capable of. With each passing level of the game you will find out what talents this young sorceress has.

One of Bloom's girlfriends is Aisha. A charming dark-haired sorceress with gray eyes wears beautiful pink-colored dresses. Toys for changing clothes will not only change her outfit, but also change the color scheme. Aisha is a fairy liquid. With the help of her powers, she can turn any object into a pink liquid that has a pleasant scent. Aisha looks like a very sophisticated and tender girl, but in fact, behind this image there is a strong-willed and strong witch. She is ready to face any danger. In his free time, Aisha loves to dance and listen to music. Putting on a brilliant dress, she turns into a real ballerina.

Our site will allow you to get acquainted with the flower sorceress and nature fan - Flora. Wonderland is the chosen pupil on the study of biology and botany. Teaming up with her friends Flora, constantly confronts enemies. In her free time from battles and confrontations, the flora prefers to spend time in her garden or parks, enjoying her stay with plants. Sorceress communicates with them and improves their abilities. Talking with plants, they endow her with new talents. All friends respect her, because she is an organized, intelligent and responsible girl. Flora rarely enjoys games like her friends, as she considers it frivolous.

Zhaer includes another heroine Muse. She is a real imp. All because she is a mischievous and cheerful fairy. Only this sorceress can be both fun and sad. Her mood changes as quickly as possible and many friends do not understand her. Some wonderworkers are accustomed to regular mood swings, but others have a hard time doing it. A muse can have fun and rejoice, and then at one moment it will become sad and leave, without explaining anything to anyone. This is not surprising, because the Muse is considered a fairy of music and it should inspire. Sensitive and changeable character peculiar to such sorceresses. But the Museum manages to understand well the mood swings of those around her. She understands her friends perfectly.

The new ones include another hero Stella. She is recognized as the most beautiful member of the club. She is not only superficially charming, but she is also quite active and cheerful. Stella is a real athlete. Her friends notice that she loves herself too much. A wonderworker pays a lot of attention to her appearance, which few people perceive normally.

The school of sorceresses includes another heroine Tekna. This character is the only one who has a short haircut, and she always looks very stylish. Tekna is a very smart fairy. Better than her, no one understands physics or mathematics. But she does not use her talents in the development of technologies. Tekna uses solar energy or electricity in practice and in the fight against evil. When one of her loved ones needs help, the smart fairy is ready to put all her affairs in the background and immediately go to the rescue. The fairy knows how to reason and quickly thinks through the necessary option to resolve any current situation.

If you decide to download a game about sorceresses, then you should know all the characters of the heroines with whom you need to play. Some have such a decisive temperament that they never listen to the opinions of others. So Tekna loves order and is always very punctual. It is difficult for her to get used to the constant lateness of her friends.

Interesting Facts

Winx Club won the hearts of many fans, but few people know the funny facts about it. The name of the club comes from the English word Wings, which translates as wings. The founders replaced the last two letters with an “x”. They specifically focused on the fact that the fairies have two pairs of wings.

Before creating the series and video games, it was necessary to develop the appearance, accessories and other nuances to make them like the target audience. Girls and teenagers came to the rescue. The basis of each character were taken by famous singers and artists, like Cameron Diaz, Pink, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Lucy Liu.

Having fun take off, you get not only an adventure game, but also you will plunge your head into the world of fashion. The project was created not only by artists, but also by world designers from the brand Dolce & Gabbana.

Subgenres of games

Links that will help you dive into the genre of games on our website:

Adventures are among the most relevant, as well as dress up. They are not only fascinating, but also informative. Parents can not worry that their children spend their free time at the computer. Winx Games for two will allow the water to play this exciting game. Each battle brings fairies new knowledge and magic. Every wishing girl can join the company of good sorceresses. Only in this way will they be able to defeat a fierce and evil adversary. Sirenix remains one of the most popular transformations. Only with the help of this transformation the fairies will be able to resist their to the enemy Tritanus. The sorcerers had to use the new method only because Belivex’s power under the water was not enough. The girls have long thought about creating the right way to fight. Then Faragonda came to their aid. She directed them to search for Sirenix. Then Bloom became aware that such forces were her sister Daphne, who did not want to talk about how to get them. Adventure will help you find all the books of the quest that will give the fairies the necessary forces. Daphne will try to shield Bloom from the wrong step. Once upon a time, Daphne herself received the strength of Sirenix, as a result of which she lost not only her strength, but also her body. Only Bloomuveren that this will not happen to her.

It is very interesting to play on our site. Before starting a video game, explore the possibilities of each character. Only this way you will be able to fulfill your mission perfectly. Such entertainment is created only by talented developers who make not only beautiful graphics, but also give the game a certain feature. Each level develops children's thinking. The game also has tips. Only there it will be possible to pass difficult levels.

Before you take for the passage of any level, each player must understand that you will fall into the wonderful world of dangers. Here everything is full of adventures. At school, magicians will be able to be only the strongest in spirit, and this means you will have to show not only your responsibilities, but also to show ingenuity. The options presented on the site are among the best. Adventures include performing logic tasks and battling evil forces.

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