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Wooden house with their hands

Wooden house with their hands

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Houses from glued timber - a modern, aesthetic and reliable type of housing, which is increasingly preferred. Such structures are a good compromise between reliability, functionality and beauty and provide the owners with positive emotions from their operation. The advantages of houses from glued laminated timber

Timber is a versatile material that has a number of significant advantages in addition to ease of use in the construction of structures. Houses from a bar differ in such advantages as: aesthetics; low cost; possibility of use immediately after installation. Houses made from laminated veneer lumber have a low percentage of shrinkage (not more than 0.5%), which allows not to wait until the start of operation; resistance to vernal impacts: moisture, rotting, mechanical damage.

In addition, the great popularity of houses from timber is due to the simplicity of the construction of structures and the possibility of operation in a short period after completion of the work. Stages of construction

The construction of a house of turnkey glued timber is implemented in several stages: selection and approval of the project. The project of such a house can be standard or individual. It should be borne in mind that the implementation of an individual project takes more time; foundation building. The foundation can be either tape or pile-screw, depending on the type of terrain, soil and topography; installation of walls and roof. It is carried out after the foundation has shrunk. Walling and roofing is a demanding job that requires precision and professionalism.

After all the above steps are completed, the structure is finished - external and internal. Our offer

The catalog of WoodHouse LLC presents a large selection of projects of houses from glued laminated timber. Here you can buy a house from glued laminated timber at an affordable price. In our catalog you will be able to study the projects of houses made of glued timber, prices and choose the appropriate option. If you have any questions, leave a request on the site or call our specialist. We will give you a detailed consultation and help you find the best solution. If necessary, any of the standard projects can be amended. Also, especially for you, we will be able to develop an individual solution taking into account all your requirements and build a house from glued laminated timber, which for many years will delight you with its reliability and aesthetics.

Our company offers the service of building houses from glued timber in any part of Moscow, as well as the region.

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